Friday, June 9, 2017

JN134 - Photostory

Alec Shelton draws flowers on his hitchhiking sign before departing for Route 34 on Tuesday, June 6. Shelton has hitchhiked for a month, taking small trips to the Oregon Coast and Corvallis. Shelton, a general studies major at LBCC, hitchhikes in an effort to decide whether he wants to travel and go back to school later or continue pursuing an education now.

Shelton waits to be picked up near the intersection of Route 34 and the I-5. Shelton explains his feeling when hitchhiking, saying he "feels free and adventurous."

After only 10 minutes, Shelton is picked up by Rebecca, a married mother of two who works at Samaritan Health Services. Shelton says he's "rarely scared" when being picked up but that his reaction is heavily influenced by who the person is. Shelton expresses his intention to treat everyone nicely and learn what he can from them.

Shelton and Rebecca cross over the Willamette River into Corvallis. Shelton says his initial perception of hitchhiking was sitting somewhere for days in an attempt to get any rides but has been surprised by how quickly he gets picked up. Shelton said he never waits for longer than 30 minutes for a ride.
Shelton says goodbye to Rebecca and thanks her for the ride.

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